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Volume 24, 73 syppl

Volume 24, 73 syppl, Winter and Spring 2021

The effect of Post feedback in some biokinmatics variables to the start block in the swimming

Thaer Ghanem Mulla Alou; Samim Ahmad Yunis

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 1-22
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167737

   The research Problem was training of trainers in depending on the errors of the skill full Performance of The swimmer in the simple steps o slep-observation and their decision de Ponds on their se self-evaluation which is fraught with some of the shortcomings and to the speed of mal movement and the multiple stages and variables the tow researchers find used during on experiment done for one of the swimmers with tow different cameras
A-    using normal camera (25 pictare / sec )
B-      using high speed camera (240 Pictare /sec) the research’s concluded that errors were more and obvious using camera (b) than (a) .
   The researchers found it necessary to use then in judging the level of technical per for manse of  Photography and I biomechanical analysis and identify technical errors in Performance. Also use these 3 cameras with high speed correction Performance as a Feedback to help the trainer and swimmer to correct the errors and in record time.
   The research’s aims to dis cover the values of some biochemematic variables affecting the technical errors with high speed cameras. and correction technical errors with feedback with using high speed content I cameras, in this ! in this assumed that feedback using i high speed cameras have a positive s effect on technical performance of the star block swimming.
the researcher used the experimental method for its suitability to the  nature of the research Problem using the experimental designed which is designed a for the designee of the tow test of Pre and post-test. the sample of the research with (6) swimmers.
  The researchers used & questionnaire I Measurement , scientific and technical observation, and Kinematic I analisis a means of data collection to obtain search variable .
   The researcher depends on the It statistical means (arithmetic mean, Standard deviation and (T test) for the associated samples.
   The researchers concluded that the delayed Post-feed bach effect had a good effect on the variable of angular velocity of the body of the hind leg, and feedback has had a good effect on horizontal distances vertical distance, distance obtained in the descending Phase post delayed feedback influenced well the horizontal distance from Platform to the water entry point in the complete motion variable.

Mental health and its relationship to activity and physical performance among students of the Police Academy

Adnan Hadi Mousa; Mohamed Diea Abdul Rasoul

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 23-32
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167704

   The police are the backbone of protecting Iraq from the inside, and its fortified shield and its trustworthy guard provides men and money to protect its land from the inside. You find it in peace. It helps the citizen with natural disasters, forums and events.
   Mental health and physical fitness are the basic components of police workers and are considered as an important elements to maintain the policeman’s health and physical competence so that he can perform his field duty to the fullest, as it provides him with safety, ability to act, speed of movement and endurance, especially under conditions that require hard or continuous work, whether in the field. Military or offices.
Therefore, the research problem lies in the study of mental health and its relationship to the physical performance of police academy
The study aimed to:
1- Identify the mental health values ​​of the research sample.
2- Knowing the values ​​of activity and physical performance of the research sample.
3- Identify the relationship between mental health and physical performance in the research sample.
The researchers assumed the existence of a significant correlation between mental health and physical performance in the research sample.
The researchers used the descriptive approach to suit the nature of the problem and the objectives of the research.
   The research sample was chosen randomly, represented by students of the Police Academy in Al-Muthanna Governorate, whose number is (50) students out of 250 students, so their percentage from the community = (20%).
The two researchers used the tests (endurance of arms strength - transition velocity - endurance test) and the mental health scale, as the translated and codified mental health scale was approved by Abdulaziz Musa from Al-Quds University, which contains 90 paragraphs and its keys are five-pointed (Likred scale) with the highest value The scale has 450 degrees and the lowest value of the scale is 90 degrees, noting that the scale has degrees of validity, stability and objectivity, and the scale keys are
(Always - often - sometimes - rarely - never)
   The two researchers conducted the tests with the help of the working team over two days:
The first day: A mental health scale was distributed and a speed and strength test was conducted.
The second day was an endurance test.
 After collecting the data and treating them statistically, the researchers concluded
1- The research sample enjoys good mental health.
2- There is a correlation between mental health and physical performance.
So the researchers recommend
1- Paying attention to mental health with its direct impact on physical fitness.
2- Conducting similar studies on other physical and motor abilities.
3- Preparing concepts to improve mental health, as it is one of the important factors for physical numbers.

Building tests for a number of scout skills for the stage of advanced scout

Ziad Khader Ismail; Hashem Ahmed Al-Essa,

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 33-63
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167756

The presence of special tests to measure the variables is an important and vital work that develops the scout in terms of scouting skills.
Therefore, the importance of the  research lies in finding means that have the scientific basis to measure an important aspect of the scout movement, which is the scouting side, as well as helping the scout leaders in choosing scouts to represent the scout teams correctly, and also can determine the current skill ability of the scout and what it will become in the future. The advanced scout stage was chosen because their ages are appropriate and at this stage they learned the arts of scout skills and have the ability to perform the tests designed by the researcher, and certainly this step will be followed by steps that concern other scout stages.
Through the foregoing, the objectives of the research were as follows:
- Building tests for a number of links and scout courses for the advanced scout stage.
Find standard scores and levels for a number of links and scout courses for the stage of advanced scouting.
The research community was represented by students of the scout teams for the preparatory stage in  Nineveh governorate center, and the sample of (10) schools were taken, five of which are on the right side of the city and the other five on the left side, and they were divided into the exploratory experiment sample and the construction sample as well as the application sample.
As for the scout skills tests, A scientific steps were followed in selecting and presenting them to the experienced and specialized gentlemen as well as using the scientific foundations of honesty, consistency and objectivity. The link tests and scout courses were summarized as follows:
(the Closed wedge bundle ,the woodcut bundle ,the square round , and the straight round).
After that, the results were reached through the statistical laws that were represented by (arithmetic mean , standard deviation , correlation coefficient  law (T) for differences and standard scores).
The following conclusions were reached:

Obtaining aspecial tests to measure a number of links and scouting courses for the stage of advanced scouting that enjoy the scientific foundations of honesty, consistency and objectivity as well as their natural distribution, which indicates their suitability for the research sample, namely:

( Closed wedge tie test, woodcutter work test, square cycle work test, straight cycle work test) .

Reaching to Tables for the standard scores and levels of the tests for the links and the courses that were built.

Building a measurement for nomination to get the wooden badge by the scout leaders in Iraq.

Buthainah Hussein Oohayyid; Abadulhak Shahab Ahmed

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 64-81
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167759

The developing the energies of the Scout leaders in the scientific and practical life will be by perform' their  works that they are assigned with more care, accuracy, and speed, take more attention honor and honesty and fairness and  keep in their minds the strengthening of their bodies  self-reliance and instilling the concept of cooperation with their colleagues and familiarize them to serve their local, Arabic, and global societies.
The syllable, which aims to enable the individual, involved in the activities of the Scout movement to gain cognitive and emotional qualities and skills that qualify him to achieve his overall growth. The problem of researchers identified the lack of syllabus of the wood badae curriculum and the level of the wooden emblem curriculum of the Scout leaders in Iraq according to this type                                                          
The aim of the research was to build an assessment of the wooden badge curriculum of the Scout leaders in Iraq, to identify their level of scale and to identify their level based on type, whether they have a difference between them. The researchers used the descriptive approach in the survey method, for itssuitabirty to the native of the stady. The research community had included leaders holders of a wooden badge in Iraq (468) are leaders and commanders deployed in the directorates of education in the governorates of Iraq. The population of research was (406) and it was selected as a leader and 247 male and female leaders of the research community, including 15 male and female leaders of the scale reconnaissance experiment and (232) form to construct. The assessment is in terms of the application sample was (159) leaders, (97) males (62) and females. The study concluded that the level of the wooden medal curriculum among male leaders (very high) while the level of the curriculum in females is (high) indicating that the level of the curriculum of the wooden emblem of males is higher than female. The two researchers recommended the reliance on the current assessment, which was built by the two researchers to detect the level of the wooden badge curriculum based on the type and to conduct a similar study in order to identify the relationship between the wooden medal curriculum and the academic achievement.

An Analytical Study of the World Football Players’ Sudden Death and How to prevent It as Related to Iraqi Football Players

Rafea Saleh Fathi; Abdul Razzaq Jabur Al Majidi

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 82-86
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167765

There is no sprot of the heart or its vessels that is not subjected to be infected with disease which may lead to severe heart problems that is either to be a temporary or chronic. The present study, therefore, tries to know the cases of the sudden death of the world football players and reasons that cause it. It also attempted to know how to prevent the occurrence of sudden death for the Iraqi football players. The method used is descriptive in addition to the analysis of the content. Around 148 cases of sudden death in the world arenas were chosen. The researchers have depended on observation, suggestion and speculation of the content change and the availability of resources, world internet scientific sites in addition to social media.
Accordingly, the researchers have arrived to the following conclusions:

The football player pays a little attention to the continuous medical tests of Echo & sonar.
Heart diseases are the commonest among the cases of the sudden death.

Relationship of Wait-Periods between attempts at approach speed and achievement for long jump and triple jump events, male and female, at the 2009 Berlin Championship

Hussein Mardan Omar; Raheem Ruwaih

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 87-105
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167769

     Waite-Periods is a rehabilitation periods in sports training science, but in competitions, Waite-Periods between attempts depend on the number of players involved and the legal time available to perform the event, and this period may be lengthened or shortened based on the number of participants as well as other topics such as the arrangement of tools, for example. During Waite-Periods player can exposed to psychological and physical fitness. It can be summarized by the problem that our lack of appropriate assessment of the mandatory Waite-Periods between attempts that were not taken into consideration could be an appropriate reason when training players in developing their achievement.
     The research aims to identify the time taken for Waite-Periods in the activities of long jump and triple jump for males and females, and the relation between some kinematic variables and achievement according to the Waite-Periods. The research hypotheses is, there is an inverse relation between the speed of the approaching and the length of Waite-Periods and achievement between one attempt and another in the activities of long jump and triple jump for males and females.
     The research sample consisted of the recorded numbers of male and female participants in the long jump and triple jump events at the 2009 Berlin Track and Field Games. If the successful attempts, whose times are monitored from the documentation of the attempted start times for each player in the long jump, (15) attempts for males and (12) attempts for females, in the triple jump, (16) Male attempt and (19) female attempt.
The Waite-Periods calculated between the attempt and next attempt of the player.
The least time to Waite-Periods in the long jump between the attempts of the player, (male and female) ranged (10.37min. - 11.30min.). As for the biggest Waite-Periods between the attempted player (male and female) ranged (18.30min. - 21.04min.), it is noted that the Waite-Periods for males is higher than the female to average. As for the triple jump, it turns out that the minimum Waite-Periods between the attempts of the player (male and female) ranged (9.67min. - 14.20min.). As for the largest Waite-Periods between the attempted player (male and female) ranged (18.61min. - 19.34min.), it is noted that the Waite-Periods for the male is higher than the female to average.
     The following was concluded:

There are large Waite-Periods that may reach more than (20 min) for the next attempt of the player himself
The difference in achievement between one attempt and another is not related to the Waite-Periods for the next attempt, as the achievement may decrease or increase.
The length of the Waite-Periods reversely affects the approach speed whenever we approach (11m. – 6m.), before the approaching plate for long jump in males.
The length of the Waite-Periods reversely affects the speed of approach whenever we get close to (6m, - 1m.) before the approach plate for triple jump in males.
In some individual cases, the Waite-Periods had a negative effect on achievement, at a rate of (61%) of the cases.

Measuring the weight and body mass of the swimmer inside the water

Falah. T. Hammo; Hasan H. Abdullah

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 106-119
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167770

The importance of this research lies in measuring the human body mass inside the water because it requires preparing a method or a new style sows us this variable accurately putting the solutions and it reduce the required time to calculate this  variable in an objective way. So the importance of this research is limited in finding  a simple scientific way in  calculating the athletics body mass inside the water because measuring the variable inside the water  requires many efforts and  tools and to get the advantage of this research from the specialists in the biomechanics.     
The aim of the research was to find out a simple scientific method to calculate the body mass of the human inside the water, and the researcher used the descriptive approach for its suitability to the nature of search. The research sample included the students of  the second year department of Physical Education / University of Halabja which includes (five) students, they were selected by the intentional way.
            The researcher used the measurement and analysis methods as away of collecting data, they dealt with data by these statistical ways: the arithmetic mean, standard deviation and the coefficient of variation, the data were treated statistically by using the computer within the Statistical Program of Social Sciences (SPSS) and the researcher concluded the following :
            Through the results of the research showed that the scientific equation of prepared to calculate the body mass of human inside the water was reached the real value of the human body inside the water, and therefore it can be adopted by the researches and studies dealing with this topic.
The researcher recommended the following :
- Using the mathematical scientific to measure the body mass inside the water.
- Writing an equations and other software to calculate the biomechanical variables ( Kinematical and Kinetic variables).

A comparative study in the classroom interaction between the district and female physical education teachers in the center and for the preparatory stage in Maysan Governorate

Sadiq Ibrahim Abdullah; Rahim Helou Ali; Firras Kassob Rashed

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 120-132
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167771

The importance of the research was in identifying the classroom interaction of the teachers of physical education for the preparatory stage in Maysan governorate according to the variables (experience, gender) and the extent of the lectuer impact on them, as he is considered the honest person that works to transfer a group of competencies that stem from several sources  Including the sufficient knowledge to provide the student with all the information, ideas, and the field practices he provides on the ground in an organized and specific way, and the extent of students' assimilation of it to constitute a interacting link between him and his students, thus achieving educational and educational class interaction and under appropriate conditions and conditions that make communication and interaction between the teacher and his students  Durable and fruitful.                                                                                                   
     The researchers used the descriptive method of comparisons to prepare  the class interaction scale, as the research community is (167) teachers and physical education teachers in Maysan Governorate, and the research sample of (148) teachers was chosen according to what the research procedures require and the survey sample included  On (18) teachers and sports education teachers in Maysan governorate were deliberately selected at a rate of (10.78%) from the parent community, and the application sample consisted of (130) teachers and schools, by (80) teachers, and (50) physical education schools,  It was chosen intentionally , and thus the percentage (77.84%) of the community of origin, and statistical treatments were carried out to extract the psychometric properties of the two scales (honesty, consistency  ) And specifying the standard levels for them, where the SPSS statistic bag was used to obtain the results of the study, analyze it and discuss it.                                                                                              
In light of discussing these results:                                                              
1- There  are differences for  teachers  and  teachers of  physical education between the Center and districts in Maysan provinces executions in the variable of  the variable reaction a teachers  and  teachers of  the province center .                                                                                                        
1- Conducting a similar study on the teachers of physical education for middle school in Maysan   governorate