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Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Keywords : Level of Achievement

Impact of some aspects of muscle strength exercises in number of physical variables and the level of achievement for 50-meter freestyle swim for men

Enad Jarjees; Omer Hamdoon

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2014, Volume 20, Issue 66, Pages 158-193
DOI: 10.33899/rajsport.2014.89593

The training and good planning in swimming have a good deal of attention in the attempt of scientists and specialists to take advantage of other sciences in the development process, which requires advance planning and creating all the conditions to achieve the feat, and this requires a state of full readiness and effective and appropriate training plans the strength training considered one of the important physical attributes in the training of swimming and is one of the core exercises to strengthen the muscle groups to which take part in the performance.
The aspects of muscle strength training one of the most important methods by which the coach can develop muscle strength among swimmers through their performance skills into the water and determine the most important physical exercises that have impact on all stages of the swimmer.
Research aims to detect:
1.3.1 The impact of some of the exercises muscle strength in a number of physical variables for swimmers of 50-meter freestyle for men.
1.3.2 the impact of some of the muscle strength exercises in the level of achievement for the 50-meter freestyle swimming for men.
The researchers used the experimental method for suitability to the nature of the research, which was conducted on swimmers Faculty of Physical Education and selected sample of research and of the 14 swimmers were divided randomly draw way by (7) players for each group. Homogeneity was conducted on a sample of the research in variables (height, age, weight) as well as aparity between the two groups in physical variables. It appear by extracting value (t) the calculated lack of moral significant differences between the two groups in all the physical variables.
The researchers used the experimental design, which is called the "evaluate the control group random choice with pretest and posttest.
The procedures of the researcher included designing training program which was reviewed by experts and specialists, and then was the implementation of the training program, as experimental group carried out the proposed training program prepared by the researcher and private aspects of exercises muscle strength either the control group has carried out the traditional exercises that are given by the coach.
It took fulfillment training program (8) weeks, two average and three training units per week and waves of movement of pregnancy (3: 1) At each session, medium and after the completion of the implementation of the training program conducted tests posteriori by following the same procedures that have been adopted in the tests tribal tests of physical variables physical as well as imaging .The researcher reached the following conclusions:
1. the exercises of some aspects of muscle strength caused development in all the variables elevated some of them to the point of moral.
2. some of the exercises muscle strength which was carried out by the experimental group made a significant development in the achievement of the swimmers.
The researcher recommended the following:
1. The possibility of using the aspects of muscle strength exercises to be effective in the development of the strengths of swimmers.
2. The possibility of using exercises power specialized with speed or exercises force to develop the maximum speed and speed end urance of the swimmers .