Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Keywords : Constructing Battery

Constructing battery for special fitness test for Soccer goalkeepers

Abdel Moneim A. J. Al-Janabi

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2013, Volume 19, Issue 63, Pages 371-392
DOI: 10.33899/rajsport.2013.76411

The research aim at:
- Constructing a special battery physical fitness test for soccer goalkeepers in football game. The researcher used the descriptive methods of mutual relations (relational) which interest to disclose relationships between two or more variable to see the correlation between these variables.
- The research community consists of goalkeepersof the football clubs of northern region. The sample of this research was chosen intentionally which consist of (55) goalkeepers as following:(5 goalkeepers forthe pilot study and the other (50) for the factor construction sample).
In order to obtain data and information regards the subject of the research, theresearcher used the following means:
- Analysis of references and sources, scientific researches, questionnaires, physical tests.
The researchers surveyed a large number of sources and references, scientific research and previous studies and to take the view of specialists to determine the most important physical variables and tests for soccer goalkeepers.
Researchers used the following statistical methods:
The arithmetic mean, standard deviation, percentage, mode, skewenss coefficient, simple correlation coefficient.
Factor analysis using orthogonal rotation, (data were treated statistically using statistical system SPSS).
The results was reached to:
First : factor analysis using orthogonal rotation which was conducted on (27) variable representing tests for soccer goalkeepers showed (11) factors were accept , (6) factors in light of the conditions for accepting and working of these factors are :
1-Agility (factor I)
2-special force distinguish by speed for the abdominal muscle (factor II)
3-The explosive power of the legs (factor IV)
4- Speed motor response of feet (factor V)
5- Flexibility (factor VI)
6- Explosive power of the muscle of arms (factor IX)
Second: Battery was extracted for special physical fitness for soccer goalkeepers in the light of its factors derived which represents its units highest saturation value on the factors, and which are:
1-Barrow – test, three sessions (factor I)
2-Sit test of lying the maximum number within 10 seconds (factor II)
3- Vertical jump test of fortitude (factor IV)
4-Nelson test of the motor response (factor V)
5-bend the trunk of standing in front of the bottom of the podium(factor VI)
6-Explosive power of the muscles of the arms (factor IX)
Third: The six nominated units of battery of physical fitness test for soccer goalkeepers are pure units because, its saturation on other factors are zero.
- Adoption of a battery test when choosing soccer goalkeepers
- Taking into account factors of the battery when constructing training programs for goalkeepers.