Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Keywords : feedback

The effect of Post feedback in some biokinmatics variables to the start block in the swimming

Thaer Ghanem Mulla Alou; Samim Ahmad Yunis

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 1-22
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167737

   The research Problem was training of trainers in depending on the errors of the skill full Performance of The swimmer in the simple steps o slep-observation and their decision de Ponds on their se self-evaluation which is fraught with some of the shortcomings and to the speed of mal movement and the multiple stages and variables the tow researchers find used during on experiment done for one of the swimmers with tow different cameras
A-    using normal camera (25 pictare / sec )
B-      using high speed camera (240 Pictare /sec) the research’s concluded that errors were more and obvious using camera (b) than (a) .
   The researchers found it necessary to use then in judging the level of technical per for manse of  Photography and I biomechanical analysis and identify technical errors in Performance. Also use these 3 cameras with high speed correction Performance as a Feedback to help the trainer and swimmer to correct the errors and in record time.
   The research’s aims to dis cover the values of some biochemematic variables affecting the technical errors with high speed cameras. and correction technical errors with feedback with using high speed content I cameras, in this ! in this assumed that feedback using i high speed cameras have a positive s effect on technical performance of the star block swimming.
the researcher used the experimental method for its suitability to the  nature of the research Problem using the experimental designed which is designed a for the designee of the tow test of Pre and post-test. the sample of the research with (6) swimmers.
  The researchers used & questionnaire I Measurement , scientific and technical observation, and Kinematic I analisis a means of data collection to obtain search variable .
   The researcher depends on the It statistical means (arithmetic mean, Standard deviation and (T test) for the associated samples.
   The researchers concluded that the delayed Post-feed bach effect had a good effect on the variable of angular velocity of the body of the hind leg, and feedback has had a good effect on horizontal distances vertical distance, distance obtained in the descending Phase post delayed feedback influenced well the horizontal distance from Platform to the water entry point in the complete motion variable.