Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Keywords : Scientific Thinking

Impact of The Organizational Teaching of the Planning–Attacking Content in Handball and its on Scientific Thinking

Dhiya’a Al-Khayat; Fadhaa AL-Hayali

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2013, Volume 19, Issue 62, Pages 369-386
DOI: 10.33899/rajsport.2013.69827

The study aims at:
1. Revealing the impact of organizational teaching on the planning behavior in handball for the third stage students at the College of Physical Education.
2. Revealing the impact of organizational teaching on scientific thinking for the third stage students at the College of Physical Education.
Accordingly, the following is hypothesized:
1. There are statistical differences between the mean of the experimental students group marks taught according to the organizational teaching and the mean of the control group taught according to the used method in the scientific thinking for the benefit of the experimental group.
The study population consisted of (196) of the third stage students at the College of Physical Education/ University of Mosul for the year
2011–2012 and the study sample consisted of (50) students. Experimental design, with one experimental group applying pre and post tests, were used. Organizational teaching was adopted as independent variable and the researcher prepared the teaching plans in addition to preparing the student booklet for the teaching materials and the teacher booklet for the organizational teaching. The experiment took (9) weeks where the students received (9) lectures, one lecture in a week. A measure of scientific thinking as subordinate variable was also adopted. Statistical means were used to deal with the planning knowledge test items. Equivalence has been made among age, intelligence, scientific thinking and academic knowledge variables using SPSS software. Results have shown that experimental group students, taught according to organizational teaching, are better in all variables.
The study has summed up with the following:
The experimental group is better than the control group in planning behavior test and scientific thinking measure .
1. The organizational teaching has raised scientific thinking level for the experimental group.
Accordingly, the study recommends the following:
1. The necessity of using the organizational approach in teaching physical education as one of the efficient methods in effective learning that could lead to better results.
2. The necessity of reorganizing the contents of physical education curriculum through adopting organizational approach and clearly fixing the relations among the concepts.
3. The need for providing the teachers with guides on how to use the organizational approach in teaching physical education in general and the planning content of handball in particular.
4. The need for developing thinking skills in general and scientific thinking in particular for the students and focusing on creative skills.
The study has also proposed the following:
1. Making other studies to use the organizational approach in developing various thinking skills.
2. Making other studies dealing with the organizational approach impact on teaching and other scientific classes in physical education.
3. Making a study for constructing a training program for developing organizational teaching concept for psychical education teachers in various teaching stages.