Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Keywords : Battery Test

Building a Battery Test of Compatibility Capabilities for Football Players

Ethar Abdel Karim Ghazal; Faleh Taha

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2021, Volume 24, Issue 75, Pages 165-187
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.169803

The objective of the research was to build a battery for testing the compatibility abilities of football players for the ages of 13-15 years. The descriptive method was used in the survey and correlation method. The sample consisted of (104) players from the Mosul Sports Academy. They were chosen in a deliberate manner. To determine the components of the compatibility capabilities and their tests, which reached to 22 tests. The tests were performed and the results of the analysis were reached. The following conclusions were reached: The results of the analysis were conducted on (22) measuring tests 7 factors reached 7 factors were all accepted In the light of the conditions laid down for its acceptance it has been interpreted and called first factor harmonic power of the body second factor steering the spatial and temporal third factor ability of the diverse  fourth factor precision kinetic ability of the ability to deal with different  Renderings Factor 5th ability to make the appropriate voltage factor 6th and  change the direction the ability of balance and agility factor 7th rhythmic ability.