Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Keywords : Class interaction

A comparative study in the classroom interaction between the district and female physical education teachers in the center and for the preparatory stage in Maysan Governorate

Sadiq Ibrahim Abdullah; Rahim Helou Ali; Firras Kassob Rashed

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 120-132
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167771

The importance of the research was in identifying the classroom interaction of the teachers of physical education for the preparatory stage in Maysan governorate according to the variables (experience, gender) and the extent of the lectuer impact on them, as he is considered the honest person that works to transfer a group of competencies that stem from several sources  Including the sufficient knowledge to provide the student with all the information, ideas, and the field practices he provides on the ground in an organized and specific way, and the extent of students' assimilation of it to constitute a interacting link between him and his students, thus achieving educational and educational class interaction and under appropriate conditions and conditions that make communication and interaction between the teacher and his students  Durable and fruitful.                                                                                                   
     The researchers used the descriptive method of comparisons to prepare  the class interaction scale, as the research community is (167) teachers and physical education teachers in Maysan Governorate, and the research sample of (148) teachers was chosen according to what the research procedures require and the survey sample included  On (18) teachers and sports education teachers in Maysan governorate were deliberately selected at a rate of (10.78%) from the parent community, and the application sample consisted of (130) teachers and schools, by (80) teachers, and (50) physical education schools,  It was chosen intentionally , and thus the percentage (77.84%) of the community of origin, and statistical treatments were carried out to extract the psychometric properties of the two scales (honesty, consistency  ) And specifying the standard levels for them, where the SPSS statistic bag was used to obtain the results of the study, analyze it and discuss it.                                                                                              
In light of discussing these results:                                                              
1- There  are differences for  teachers  and  teachers of  physical education between the Center and districts in Maysan provinces executions in the variable of  the variable reaction a teachers  and  teachers of  the province center .                                                                                                        
1- Conducting a similar study on the teachers of physical education for middle school in Maysan   governorate