Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Keywords : evaluation tests

A Comparative Study of the Effect of using E-Portfolio Enhancing Enrichment Activities and the Method of Formative Evaluation for the Students Of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences , University of Mosul

Dhyaa Qasim Al-khayat; Fadha’a Sultan

Al-Rafidain Journal for Sports Sciences (RJSS), 2020, Volume 23, Issue 71, Pages 1-24
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2020.164879

The aim of the research:
-Preparation of two educational programs, one of which is a component of the achievement file with enhanced enrichment activities, and a file of enhanced achievement in used manner.
-To detect the impact of the two educational programs in the formative calendar.
The two researchers assume:
-There were no statistically significant differences between the average grade of the students of the first experimental group which is studied according to the achievement file with the enrichment activities and the average grade of the second experimental group.
Use the experimental approach to suitability and the nature of the research. the research community is one of the third year students in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Universityof Mosul for the academic year (2017-2018). They are divided into six divisions (A, B, C, D, E and F) They were deliberately chosen.
The sample of the research was randomly selected and consisted of two units (C and D) and a total of (48). 22 students were excluded due to absence and postponed to the academic year. Or transferred them to another university. Two groups (C and D) were selected to represent the sample of the research, the number of students (26) students, which were divided into two experimental groups randomly, the first experimental group represented Division (C) of (26) students, which is studied according to the file enhanced achievement activities Enrichment,The second experimental group consisted of (d) the number of students (22) students, which is taught according to the enhanced achievement file in the method used, and equivalence was made in the following variables (test of multiple intelligences, achievement of the first semester) and adopted experimental design with equivalence groups and this requires two groups One was the first experimental group and the other was the second experimental group. Two models were prepared and presented to a group of experts and specialists in teaching methods to demonstrate the validity of the two models. The experiment, consisting of (12) weeks from 5/3/2018 to 21 / 5/2018), Formal evaluation tests were conducted after completion of each unit, and for the purpose of achieving the results, the statistical bag (SPSS) was used. Results showed that the first experimental group was superior to the second experimental group.
The results showed:
1 - Linking the achievement file with the enrichment activities made the students gain positive feedback on the formative assessment tests at the group level.
The recommendations came as below:
1 - Include the vocabulary planned for enrichment activities in practice commensurate with the capabilities of students, and meet the requirements of the curriculum.