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Keywords : Body Mass

Measuring the weight and body mass of the swimmer inside the water

Falah. T. Hammo; Hasan H. Abdullah

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2021, Volume 24, Issue 73 syppl, Pages 106-119
DOI: 10.33899/rjss.2021.167770

The importance of this research lies in measuring the human body mass inside the water because it requires preparing a method or a new style sows us this variable accurately putting the solutions and it reduce the required time to calculate this  variable in an objective way. So the importance of this research is limited in finding  a simple scientific way in  calculating the athletics body mass inside the water because measuring the variable inside the water  requires many efforts and  tools and to get the advantage of this research from the specialists in the biomechanics.     
The aim of the research was to find out a simple scientific method to calculate the body mass of the human inside the water, and the researcher used the descriptive approach for its suitability to the nature of search. The research sample included the students of  the second year department of Physical Education / University of Halabja which includes (five) students, they were selected by the intentional way.
            The researcher used the measurement and analysis methods as away of collecting data, they dealt with data by these statistical ways: the arithmetic mean, standard deviation and the coefficient of variation, the data were treated statistically by using the computer within the Statistical Program of Social Sciences (SPSS) and the researcher concluded the following :
            Through the results of the research showed that the scientific equation of prepared to calculate the body mass of human inside the water was reached the real value of the human body inside the water, and therefore it can be adopted by the researches and studies dealing with this topic.
The researcher recommended the following :
- Using the mathematical scientific to measure the body mass inside the water.
- Writing an equations and other software to calculate the biomechanical variables ( Kinematical and Kinetic variables).

The effect of taking pure creatine that accompanied with training on some body component and measurements for beginners

Yassin AL Hajar; Yasser Muneir AL-Bakal

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2019, Volume 22, Issue 69, Pages 61-91
DOI: 10.33899/rajsport.2019.163017

The problem of this research is that most of previous studies and researches tackled the effect of taking creatine in a limited aspect( physical or functionl) and meglecting other phgsical aspects body component  and measurements in one experiment under the same conditions to study the effect of creatine on one specimen group in the same level, in the same age and under the same conditions., athletes preparing programs and developing athletic level There isnt any study tackled the effect of creatine on behinuers . The aims of the research is to find  the following : -The significant difference in some body components  and measurements for beginners between pre-and post test for the experimental and controlling group . The significant difference in some body components and measurements for beginners between the two post-test for experimental and controlling group . The  researchers supposes that :There is a significant difference between pre and post test in some body components   and measurements for the experimental and controlling  group for the benefit of the post tests . There is a significant difference between the two post-test in some body components   and measurements for beginners for the experimental and controlling  group in post test for the benefit of the experimental group . The  researchers used the experimental program because it suites the nature of the research who was practiced on a group of  (50) participants in physical fitness activities which have no previous athletic experience and did not train in the past, the research specimen was choozen from them which are 20 participants chosen intentionally, this specimen in turn was divided into 2 groups randomly, each group Comprises 10 participants. After achieving equivalence between the two groups in the variables of( chronological age, length,and body mass), The experimental design includes two groups, one is experimental and the other is controlling , the pre test were performed on both groups, then the dependant training programs were accomplished in theresearch, the experimental group performed the training programs with taking of pure creatine , the controlling  group performed the training without taking pure creatine then the post-tests were performed to calclate the difference between the pre-and post-tests of each group individually, and make a comparison between the two groups in the post-test.
The research procedures include designing a training program that is presented on  by some experts, and also include sceuting  experiments and determining the intensities used in training programs and doing some pre test measurments that depended in the research, then the training program, implemented which took 9 weeks by 3 medium courses 4 times weekly, and (2:1) load motion wave for each medium course . After finishing the training program the post tests and measurments were performed by using the same proceduers in the pre tests and measurments . The  researchers reached to the following conclusions:-
- Creatine caused increase on body mass and Fat-free and mass decrease on Fat mass and fat percentage .and increase on body circumference and muscle volume (muscle cross section) and decrease on skin folds thickness, whereas in the controlling  group there was increase on body mass and fat-free mass and there was no significant difference on fat mass and fat percentage although it was less than the pre-test level .-The development rate of the experimental group that taking creatine was in the upper limps (trunk and arms) more (better) than that of the lower limps(legs) The  researchers present the following recommendations and suggestions :-
-should encourage taking creatine ynder specialist supervison The trainers should follow-up their players continuously when taking such preparations and nutritional supplements and doing medical examination from time to time the special sides should mak sure that preparations and nutritional supplements have real referenco not only what is written on the Cansor (leaflets).
- Doing similar studies on other variables and measurements