Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Author : Al_Mashhadani, Ali

Effect of Specific Endurance Exercises By Divided The Body In to upper and lower Style on a number of Physical variables and achieving in (50) meter Breast stroke swimming of juniors

Muafaq aldabbagh; Ali Al_Mashhadani

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2014, Volume 20, Issue 65, Pages 117-144
DOI: 10.33899/rajsport.2014.89575

The study aims to discuss what follows
-The differences in some of the physical variables and achieving in (50) meter breast stroke swimming of juniors between both before and after tests for the benefit of post test -The differences in some of the physical variables and a achieving in (50) meter breast stroke swimming of juniors between both research groups experimental group and control group in for the benefit experimental group. .
The two researchers uses the experimental course since it suits the study taking a sample of players of ninavah clubs of swimming ( ummal ، ninavah، mosul ، algosh، iyad sheet ) of 32 players aged (11-14) years who are divided into two groups of (8) players for each group after
putting (16) players away.
The two rescarcher uses the following statistical ways : ( percentage ، average ، standard deviation ، differences coefficient ، t-Test of related samples ، t-Test of in dependent samples ، person coefficient as will as spss way )
The two researchers find out the following conclusions :
-special practices of the upper and lower parts of the body lead ، to developing most carporal features and the achievement by comparing the before and after tests results for the standard group (Speed Endurance, Maximum Locomotive Speed, Strength Endurance of Arms and legs , power of Arms and legs, Strength Endurance of abdominal Muscles, Aerobic Endurance) and achievement.
The experimental group led to the best development as compared with the standard group that used the coach course in most corporal features and achievement in this study by comparing the results of the tests of the both groups.
The two researchers suggested the following points :
- The special kinds of practices of the way that divided the body into two parts (upper&lower) should be used in the training of chest swimmers .
-when using such a way coaches should regard the training distances in the sense that it should suit the competition distance related in to the type
of the activity being practiced .