Print ISSN: 1993-9345

Online ISSN: 2664-2514

Author : Abdul Muhsen, Saud

The Adminitrative system for general administray in sport education since 1919 to 1998

Saud Abdul Muhsen

Al-Rafidain Journal For Sport Sciences, 2010, Volume 16, Issue 54, Pages 53-66
DOI: 10.33899/rajsport.2010.6016

The introduction and the importance of this paper deal with education, and its importance in experience formation and introducing them. Also it involves with education system considering it as representation of human ideas and his wishes. The importance of the paper implicit that most of thinkers see that surmising the principles even if it doesn't mean exactly admistration of rules. So, it doesn't have any disadvantages from it and the implicitly of research importance in this period, in levels of civilized rise for sport movement all over the world, especially in Olympic cycles and world cup championship and normal meetings. According to Iraq, this period was considered from highlight sport movement evolution, which reach to organized help that achieved sport aims generally.
Theoretical frame deals with combining principles administration, and the resealts which recognized it. Also it involves the administary system, and it deals with administary subject and administration, and administary responsibilities administary work factors, and admistary formation, and completing behaviours of professionals. Also it includes individual behaviour in administration levels. The third itemize deals with administary system evolutions for general physical education, and departments which related to it. And general mangers who alterates on manging it. And, it also discusses the changing of administary frame of administration as modernization, and deleting of some administration. Where frame change made in this period (7) items. This chapter also involves the ending and analysis from the researcher point of view.
Conclusions and Recommendations:
According to conclusions most prominent ones are as follows:
1- No quality evolution occur on sport political eara in Iraq in this period.
2- Sport leaders who work in this period, can not apprehend to administration features, that negatively reflexed on sport performance.
3- Youth energy cannot directing for interesting of movement in good way, reflecting internationalize interest for their youth and improving their proficiency.
The Recommendation includes:
1- Composing professional form which studies sport education system, and rises with its fact.
2- Formation of professional committees to diagnoize imperfection, and weak points in sport administaty frame and the suitable treatment state for it.
3- Choosing professional sport leadership, who practice their work according to correct practical methods. And supporting required experience and ablities to save sport movement.
The Research, also includes summery in both Arabic and English languages, finally it contains resources and consultative